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Photo: Bernd Müller, © Fraunhofer IAO

Industry 4.0 – The Fraunhofer IAO Study


Production of the future is supposed to be smart, flexible, efficient and sustainable all at the same time. The web-enabled Industry 4.0 promises new paths to meeting the challenges of the future.
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Photo: Alf van Beem

EU looks to liven the economy with Free Trade Agreements


Informal talks have been going on for years – now, since mid-June, it is finally official: The EU and the USA are negotiating a transatlantic free trade agreement. Already three months ago, the EU and Japan began official talks about such an agreement.
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all Pictures courtesy of Urban Mining e.V.

Urban Mining e.V. - Non Profit Organisation, Congress and Award


On 12 and 13 June the 4th Urban Mining Congress will be held in Iserlohn. In addition to lectures and panel discussions the event will see the Urban Mining Awards being presented again.
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Welcome to the Team! Trainees turning into Colleagues


High-quality training in conjunction with subsequent career prospects is still seen as the success formula for tying skilled employees to a company.
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© Photo: Stahl-Zentrum / Eric Lichtenscheidt

The German Steel Federation


The organisation represents the sector-specific interests of almost all German steelmaking companies – as well as associated foreign member companies – in politics, in business and to the public.
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© Photo: Stahl-Zentrum / ThyssenKrupp

The Steel Institute VDEh


The aim of the German Iron and Steel Institute is to encourage technical and scientific cooperation between engineers with a view to advancing and promoting steel as a material.
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© Photo: SMP-Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision

Automobile industry: German premium manufacturers defying the lull


German manufacturers with sale records despite stagnation in Europe | The steel tube industry has also profited from the export strength of German premium suppliers.
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© VDI Wissensforum

Perfect-fit Further Training – The VDI Wissensforum


The amount of information available worldwide is growing exponentially – and at the same time knowledge is becoming obsolete at an ever greater pace.
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wire/Tube Exhibitors and their Recruiting


SMEs find it increasingly difficult to recruit qualified personnel. This is primarily due to the demographic change in our society, which shows a significant ageing of the active population.
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Photo: Curt Carnemark/Weltbank

Brazil focuses on domestic demand


While high expectations were moderated, the wire and tube industry at the Sugarloaf Mountain still has significant potential despite weakened growth rates.
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