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Record trade fairs face economic challenges: key technologies wire, cable and tube and pipe remain system-critical


What a great trade fair season! With 1,500 exhibitors from 60 countries on 67,400 square metres the biggest wire in its almost 40-year Düsseldorf success story; and Tube with around 52,200 square metres and 1,200 exhibitors from 54 countries that now increasingly looks to energy efficiency and sustainability!
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Sponsors to draw up exciting side events on the Forum Stage in Hall 1


Without them it would not be possible to present a topical, riveting programme on the large stage of exhibition hall 1: the sponsors of the Forum Stage giving the line-up of side events at wire and Tube that extra special twist from 15 April.
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wire and Tube 2024 with ecoMetals trails – sustainably successful


Time is running out – the climate transition makes a rethink imperative. Companies from the industries for wire, cable, tube and pipe are also now already to rely on utilising sustainable technologies in their production and in their products.
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Europe casts its nets outwards


Pushing the pace – that is Europe's current motto as far as the energy transition is concerned. Numerous new high-speed electricity highways are being constructed so that the transition process can pick up speed.
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KOPIE VON: Fibre optic cables satisfy the “bandwidth hunger”


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To ensure the chemistry is always correct


In addition to the impending PFAS ban, stricter environmental regulations and energy prices are consistently challenging the chemical industry. New pipelines for the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, as well as raw material are therefore becoming significantly more important.
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