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Green steel at a crossroads: the challenges of electric steel production in Europe


Steel is a unique material. It is the most widely used metal in the world because it is strong, durable and recyclable, making it the perfect material for everything from skyscrapers to electric vehicles and solar panels.
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Hydrogen in Motorsports – Using the Dakar Rally as an Example


Experts agree: Hydrogen as a propulsion technology for passenger cars is currently less practical due to lower energy efficiency and higher costs. However, in heavy-duty mobility, hydrogen offers significant advantages and will play an important role in the future.
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The „water-sensitive city“ as a climate-resilient adaptation strategy?


The increasing frequency of global extreme weather events as a result of climate change also increases the need for action in cities: Flooding caused by heavy rainfall or falling groundwater levels due to periods of drought make it necessary to adapt the technical infrastructure and use water resources more sustainably in order to mitigate the consequences for people and nature.
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Green steel as the key to low-CO2 mobility


The automotive industry is undergoing a profound change: it is turning away from fossil fuels and striving for more sustainable production. The use of green steel, i.e. steel that is produced with minimised CO2 emissions, plays a central role in this.
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Maintenance of asbestos cement wastewater pipes: a problem case?


In Germany, there are always lively discussions about issues relating to hazardous substances in connection with the maintenance of underground wastewater pipes made of asbestos cement. In the following, legal aspects and their interpretation are explained and the positions of the Rohrleitungssanierungsverband are presented.
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The European Hydrogen Bank


Last year, EU Commission Vice-President and Climate Action Commissioner Frans Timmermans announced that the European Commission wanted to boost the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy with a European hydrogen bank.
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The Role of Scrap in the Green Transformation


As the steel industry works on reducing its carbon emissions, scrap is increasingly becoming the material of choice. According to forecasts by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the proportion of scrap in steel production will increase from 35% today to 50% by 2030.
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Municipal heat planning: getting started with a sustainable heat supply


The decarbonisation of heating networks is currently taking place in the EU member states as part of the Green Deal: The EU is to become climate-neutral by 2050. In Germany, more than 50 % of final energy consumption is attributable to the heat supply.
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Smart Steel & Steel Innovation


Smart Home and Smart Grid - what would they be without Smart Steel? The term Smart Steel describes steel products with improved or new properties. These properties are achieved by integrating sensors and actuators, using new methods such as nanotechnology or coating techniques.
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Germany's seven largest hydrogen projects in the area of production and infrastructure


According to Strategy&'s Hydrogen Readiness Index, there are at least 120 hydrogen projects in Germany that are in planning, under construction or in operation. Below we provide an overview of seven important hydrogen projects that are expected to reach new milestones in 2024.
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