Postponement wire and Tube -Questions & Answers

Here you will find answers to your questions:

Why have wire and Tube just been postponed to this date from 20 to 24 June 2022?

Doesn't Messe Düsseldorf's postponement send the wrong signal to the indus-tries or the other trade fairs in Germany/Düsseldorf?

Who guarantees that wire und Tube can take place on its new date?

How will the postponements affect the subsequent dates of wire and Tube?

Effects on other Düsseldorf trade fairs

What impact will the postponement have on other events at the Düsseldorf ven-ue?

Digital alternatives

Why don't wire and Tube take place virtually?

Aussteller / Besucher

What do you do with the registrations that have already been confirmed?

Do OOS services booked with Messe Düsseldorf have to be cancelled and re-booked?

What can exhibitors do who have already withdrawn or declared that they will not participate and now want to register again for the new dates?

What happens if a company does not want to participate at the new June dead-line?

Do you compensate your customers for costs incurred so far due to booked flight and train tickets, hotel accommodation, etc.?

Do you compensate your customers for costs incurred so far due to OOS ser-vices booked with official trade fair service partners?

Will exhibitors get the same stand space for the new June date as planned for May?

Do exhibitors receive any assistance in communicating with their customers?

When will the ticket shop be changed or opened?