Visitor statements

Marcos Casto, FaW Automotive, CEO and Marcos Casto, FaW Automotive, CEO, Spain
Both brothers are visiting the wire and the Tube for their company, which produces parts for the interior of cars. They are here to get in contact with machine manufacturers and suppliers for raw materials. "We are relatively flexible. There is a schedule plan but we also try to be spontanious and to be open minded for inspirations. We are really lucky to have two different fairs at one place, which are both relevant for our business," Mr. Casto says. Concerning the development of the past years, he adds: "Fortunately in our business safety has still priority. Saving costs come second."
Johan de Vries
André Fahl, Faco Metalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Mr. Fahl has just arrived with a colleague talking in the background at the exhibition stand they have only four hours left for their plans: "We meet regulary with our Chinese suppliers to discuss our contracts and review changes. Currently we are adjusting the purchase quantities, so that other companies we didn't notice before could be interesting. In addition, the company is working on a completely new project for which there is a concrete task: "We need to find a producer, who can produce our version of a 4-cantilever. That will be a challenge."
Jozef Peeters, Picanol, Belgium
It's the first time for Mr. Peeters visiting the Tube. He works for a big Belgium company that produces high-tech-waving-machines. The goals on his one day trip to Düsseldorf are very well defined: "I'm searching for a company producing riveter maschines or is very familiar with the process at least to help me to find a very special solution for our company. The best about today: I also needed to find somebody who can stretch a conical wire more than 23% whithout breaking and I already found a great company with a simple solution, I just had to think different, no it is clear! This day was and is a big challenge", he smiles.
Parag Gawande, Sterlite Technolgies Limited, India
At Tube Mr. Gawande has appointments with business partners and also colleagues, because here it is a good atmosphere to work and discuss effectively. The Indian company is divided in three topics: Optical Products, Network Services und Telecom Software tätig. "I am looking forward to see new machines for optical fiber cables and to learn more about it. I stay several days, because I will have enough time for businesstalks and all important exhibitors", he explaines.
Ahmed Ismail Kwarah, Al-Qiyas & Al Tatweer Trading Est., Saudi-Arabia
Mr. Kwarah founded his company in the year 2010 gegründet. Of course he visits the Tube in Düsseldorf. "I have a lot of important business meetings and little time, so you have to walk with me a few steps otherwise I miss my first appointmoint", he wants. "It is so significant to be here and to meet decision-makers that I will stay a bit longer in Germany than the fair takes place."
His company stock and supply Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Valves and Jointing in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. The vision is: To be the worlds premier company in Piping Solutions.